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Drag Box Interverted

Click and drag the box.

The qualities of a manipulable form should themselves be manipulable in order to support design decisions. However, it should also be possible to embed such meta-manipulability in the artifact so that users can themselves modify an object's manipulability. Such reflexive relationships are simple to create, but very unintuitive to describe in terms of meta-manipulation

The most trivial example is a draggable box. Here a relationship exists between the cursor and the box such that the box moves when the mouse moves. However, another relationship exists between the box's pressed-ness and the active-ness of the position relationship. The result is basic drag-and-drop, the cornerstone of graphical user interface design. This idea of maniplating manipulable qualities is more apparent in Drag Box Inverted where the mapping is inverted so that clicking the box deactivates the position relationship.